What exactly do we sell?

Plots of land for a home, Independent Villas, Semi independent houses and apartments filled with lots of love, peace and tranquility.
What are the key features of the layout?

  • Clear titles and immediate registration
  • Compound walls

  • Park and Open space
  • Strategic location

  • Well connected
  • What are the key features of our houses?

    Clear titles, necessary regulatory approvals, architect designed, soil testing done, structural engineer approved, adherence to specified norms and usage of quality materials for construction
    What are the different sizes of the plots?

    The plots are available in sizes ranging from 600 sq. ft. - 2400 sq. ft.
    Will each plot be demarcated?

    Yes. There will be boundary stones to demarcate each plot.
    Is it possible to build on the plot as I wish?

    Yes. However, the norms of construction set by CMDA/local bodies should be followed.
    Is the entire development compounded?

    Yes, the entire layout is secured by a compound wall to follow the structure of a gated community.
    Are there any rules to adhere to during construction? Are any modifications permitted?

    Yes. Setbacks, as per the prevailing authority rules to be followed.
    How are the plot owners ensured of privacy/security?

    A compound wall surrounds the entire project.
    Is there sufficient water source?

    Yes. We have abundance of ground water available.
    Can I sell my plot after full payment?

    Yes. Plot owners are can sell their plots if they wish to
    Have all the approvals been obtained?

    Yes. All the approvals have been obtained from CMDA/DTCP and other concerned authorities.
    Is the title of the property clear?

    Yes. The land is freehold, marketable and free from all encumbrances.
    Has the property been approved by housing finance institutions?

    Yes. The project has been approved by select housing finance institutions.